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A Pediatric Optometry Emergency

A Pediatric Optometry Emergency

Recently, on a Friday evening, a local 3-year-old child scraped her cornea. The Emergency room physician told them to bring the girl in to an eye doctor first thing Saturday.

The parents made an anxious after-hours phone call to Dr Muscente of Terri Optics. Saturday morning at Terri Optics, before going in to see Dr Muscente, Teresa Gelsi put the parents’ minds at ease.

Dr Muscente, who is trained and regularly cares for eye emergencies in children as well as adults, successfully treated our small patient. Dr Muscente examined the child’s cornea and pronouced all well and everyone left Terri Optics smiling and happy. The little girl even sent Dr Muscente a thank you video for taking such good care of her eyes!

Another happy Terri Optics patient.



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