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Dr. Desai Detects a Retinal Tear!

Dr. Desai Detects a Retinal Tear!

Here is an example of why you should see your optometrist.

Dr. Jay Desai had a new patient who was a 70 year old female who came into the office because she was seeing a flash of light in her right eye. The patient’s history revealed her mother had retinal detachment.

Since retinal detachments can be genetic, Dr. Desai dilated the patient and performed a procedure that is the same test a retinal specialist would do. He looked carefully and found a retinal tear at a 10 am position in her eye. The gel in the eye pulled on the retina causing a tear.

Dr. Desai referred the patient to a specialist who initially did not see the tear. The specialist called Dr. Desai, and he told the specialist where to look. Sure enough there it was! She was successfully treated.

Thanks to Dr. Desai’s careful examination and evaluation this woman has her sight.

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